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SSA McGeek [userpic]
Issue #768
by SSA McGeek (mcgarrygirl78)
at March 19th, 2013 (08:13 pm)

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If we haven't linked to your post, it's because there wasn't enough information in the header for us to spot it or make a link. Particularly for fanfiction, we need a title and pairing at least. Anything else is a bonus – spoilers and ratings especially. Please leave a comment if you think we should have linked to something, and we'll add it or pick it up for the next newsletter. However, the newsletters will not be edited to include any changes to your post that happen more than a week after we've posted the newsletter.

Off-LJ Links

cmroundtable posts a press release for episode 8x19, Pay it Forward
cmroundtable posts You're on Speaker, Garcia (2nd Greatest Hit from the Criminal Minds set)


You Have My Heart by abbygibbsmorgan [Morgan/Garcia, T]
Though We Touched and Went Our Separate Ways by mcgarrygirl78 [Rossi/Strauss, TEEN]
The Sweetest Surprise by mcgarrygirl78 [John Barton/Kate Wolcott, TEEN]

One Word Prompts ladygrendel [Morgan/Reid, Morgan/Prentiss, PG-13] AO3 link

The Faraday Case, 15/? by colourmebipolar [Morgan/Reid, FRAO]

Fanfic Searches

cuddar is looking for somnophilia fics with Hotch/Reid or Reid/OMC

Icons, Vids and Screencaps

29 Criminal Minds icons by pilla06


No birthdays this time. Don't forget to comment here if you would like us to add you to the birthday list.