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seraphina_snape [userpic]
Issue #760
by seraphina_snape (seraphina_snape)
at February 17th, 2013 (06:48 pm)

If we haven't linked to your post, it's because there wasn't enough information in the header for us to spot it or make a link. Particularly for fanfiction, we need a title and pairing at least. Anything else is a bonus – spoilers and ratings especially. Please leave a comment if you think we should have linked to something, and we'll add it or pick it up for the next newsletter. However, the newsletters will not be edited to include any changes to your post that happen more than a week after we've posted the newsletter.

Off-LJ Links
cmroundtable: Criminal Minds Review: ALL THAT REMAINS
cmroundtable: CRIMINAL MINDS SPOILER. Episode 8.15: "Broken", Promo Vid
cm_fanatic: Criminal Minds: Carbon Copy - Press Release

Getting better by siggen1 [FRC] (AO3 link)

The Faraday Case [6/?], The Faraday Case [7/?], The Faraday Case [8/?] & The Faraday Case [9/?] by colourmebipolar [FRAO; Morgan/Reid]
A Glitch In My Soul [4/7?] by freakingdork [FRAO; Morgan/Reid]

Finding a Net Below by mcgarrygirl78 [teen; John Barton/Kate Wolcott]
Something Less Ordinary by blythechild [FRAO; Hotch/Reid] (AO3 link)
Fitted like a Puzzle by subluxate [FRT; ]Garcia/Rossi (AO3 link)
The Rules of Attraction by mcgarrygirl78 [teen; John Barton/Kate Wolcott]
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Too by mcgarrygirl78 [teen; John Barton/Kate Wolcott]
Don’t leave me this way – part 21 by little_profiler [T; Morgan/Garcia]
Into Your Arms by mcgarrygirl78 [teen; John Barton/Kate Wolcott]
The Perfect Day by mcgarrygirl78 [teen; John Barton/Kate Wolcott]
The Feeling is Mutual by mcgarrygirl78 [teen; John Barton/Kate Wolcott]
Healthy and Unhealthy Fears by mcgarrygirl78 [teen; John Barton/Kate Wolcott]
Saving the day (No more sweets 23) by little_profiler [T; Morgan/Garcia]

Fanfic Searches
dayellis is looking for a specific fic where Hotch makes sure Reid eats whenever the team is out together
lazalot_anreads is looking for first time Hotch/Reid and first time Hotch/Morgan/Reid fics
blutmoon is looking for slash fics with a badass Reid (Hotch/Reid or Hotch/Rossi)
benedictable is looking for fics dealing with the aftermath of Reid's death (but not depicting any death scenes, etc.), especially the impact Reid's death has on the team (gen preferred) and Hotch/Reid fics where they have sex and Hotch doesn't remember or acknowledge it the next morning or where the relationship is only physical for Hotch but means more to Reid

Happy Birthday to babyara, amaranth_moon, csichick_2 & citymusings!

Don't forget to comment here if you would like us to add you to the birthday list.

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