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seraphina_snape [userpic]
Issue #740
by seraphina_snape (seraphina_snape)
at December 9th, 2012 (07:33 pm)

If we haven't linked to your post, it's because there wasn't enough information in the header for us to spot it or make a link. Particularly for fanfiction, we need a title and pairing at least. Anything else is a bonus – spoilers and ratings especially. Please leave a comment if you think we should have linked to something, and we'll add it or pick it up for the next newsletter. However, the newsletters will not be edited to include any changes to your post that happen more than a week after we've posted the newsletter.

Off-LJ Links
cmroundtable: Criminal Minds TVGuide MegaBuzz SPOILER
cmroundtable: Criminal Minds minor SPOILER
cmroundtable: Matthew Gray Gubler on Directing "Magic Realism" and Reid's First Date Ever SPOILER
cmroundtable: 'Criminal Minds': Matthew Gray Gubler Reveals 'Beautiful' Yet 'Horrifying' Scene
cmroundtable: Matthew Gray Gubler on directing and Reid's girlfriend
cmroundtable: Criminal Minds comments thread for episode 8.10 "The Lesson"
cmroundtable: Criminal Minds Promo for episode 8.11 "Perennials"

Discussion and Miscellany
8x10 - The Lesson discussion post @ criminalxminds
lumiere42's review of "The Lesson"
a_blackpanther posts Possibly the best thing EVER (Criminal Minds art in the Pwerpuff Girls' style)

In Excelsis Deo by mcgarrygirl78 [teen]
You Didn't See Anything by blythechild [FRT] (AO3 link) (crossover with Supernatural)

Communicating by just_jasper [FRAO; Morgan/Reid]
Count Bodies Like Sheep by dr_harbinger [M; Hotch/Reid (one-sided)]
The Best For Last by blythechild [FRG; Hotch/Reid] (AO3 link)
The Great Kink Meme Hotch/Reid Edition Masterpost by hotchaolic [NC-17; Hotch/Reid] (AO3 link)

Sleep On It by savant [G; Rossi/Prentiss]
Help by lilylynnicons [T; Hotch/Prentiss] (ff.net link)
Autumn in New York by mcgarrygirl78 [teen; Hotch/Beth]
Different Sides to Different Stories by mcgarrygirl78 [teen; Rossi/Strauss]
O' Christmas Tree? by smacky30 [FRT; Rossi/Prentiss]
Paternal Love - Part I by zamboni12 [; Rossi/Prentiss]
I Spend My Time Thinking About You by mcgarrygirl78 [teen; Rossi/Strauss]

Fanfic Searches
scooby_lou is looking for a specific JJ/Emily/OFC fic in which JJ and Emily are together and have a threesome with another female detective (the OFC might be called Sam)
ngirl16 is looking for a specific Hotch/Reid fic where Reid joins Hotch and Jack for movie night [found]

Icons, Vids and Screencaps
8x10 - The Lession HD screencaps @ grande_caps

Happy Birthday to Ivo, seraphina_snape, ansera, princesslacus & failte_aoife!

Don't forget to comment here if you would like us to add you to the birthday list.